No Other Way - Tiger Cloth, Lydia Lyon, Filippo Perbellini, Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Filippo Perbellini & Enrico Scatto. Mastered by Federico Pelle at Basement Studio (VI) Taken from the EP 'Love Evolutionaru' IRM 1725 Tiger Cloth is a fluid block of artists resolving around single music releases becoming flesh with every member's attitudes and inclinations.The frame of every piece is an iron rhythmic skeleton covered with a roaring chant. Members: Filippo Perbellini - vox Lydia Lyon - vox Enrico Scatto - programming, arranging Riccardo Salin - programming, arranging


I'm Lydia Lyon. Get to know me and my music. Nice to meet you.


The Saint Louis (USA)-born R&B singer grew up traversing two musical paths. Her violin studies began at the age of three, focused in learning fiddle tunes and jazz repertoire of Charlie “Bird” Parker, John Coltrane, and various arrangements of Charles Mingus. Given her prowess and love of improvisation from a young age, her middle school through college years were rich with victories at acclaimed jazz competitions, opening performances, and collaborations for artists, such as Earth Wind and Fire, The Roots, The Eagles, Alison Krauss, and Bilal, and many grand scale festival performances.

However, after her graduation in violin performance from the prestigious music university, Berklee College of Music, she decided to take a turn of course into her true passion for singing. Having sung in a choir at a young age, Lydia was taken around the world and on tours throughout the United States and Australia. She began to sing professionally in 2012, immediately after graduation, and collaborated on many projects, such as a collaborative project with an organization called Arab America, where she was able to learn and sing Arabic music on tour with the organization. Igniting her desire to explore culture and diverse musical influences, Lydia made the decision to relocate to Italy.

Italy would be her first experience living and working abroad, and she thrived on the musical scene. Within the first year of working for many clubs, she was offered a position at a theater in the heart of Rome, where she accumulated quite a strong and passionate fan base. Other opportunities allowed her to be featured more than once in the esteemed newspaper, La Repubblica, have segments on radio stations such as Kaos Radio, be featured on national television programs, such as Edicola Fiore with Fiorello and Valentino Rossi , and invitations to perform with renown artists, such as Zucchero. Among these collaborations, she has recently collaborated with a small group of Italian artists and musicians to create Love Evolutionary, an original EP released September 7th, 2018 with Bologna’s own label, Irma Records.

Lydia is currently residing in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she continues to collaborate closely with Italian musicians, and is exploring new avenues in her new hometown.

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. . .Something other than music? I don't know who I would be.

- Lydia Lyon


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